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GMHL Officials

Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

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Leadership Group


                   Referee In Chief                                  Roger Proulx

                   Arena Managers                                  Allan Madill

                                                               Ron Michaud


Mission Statement



Loyal to the league, dedicated to the game, and our officiating family, we endeavor to produce the finest performance through quality leadership. Our excellence is recognized from the strengths of our people. We dedicate our contribution of service to the league with a high standard of professionalism.




Enjoying the challenge.

Each season brings welcomed change and challenge to the role of league officials and their leadership group. The GMHL continues to strengthen for the 2024-25 season. After 18 years of operations, we have built a solid foundation, which has gained respect throughout the hockey community. Our officials enjoy a professional environment and continue to partner in service excellence. Quality of service is never comprised with the loyalty & commitment of our officials.

Effective & Efficient Services

Although an Officiating Department is a cost center, it is a necessary service. Our resources to the league and member hockey clubs are a fundamental building block in the GMHL business. We provide an effective officiating service with economic health. Our operational expenses are budgeted and monitored through a cost accounting process, which collects historical data for sound decision making.

The overall structure and quality services of the Officiating Department is a compelling attribute of the league, that offers existing member hockey clubs higher valuations. Expansion teams may enter the GMHL program with confidence that this department offers professional level services in a disciplined structured environment.

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