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GMHL Officials

Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

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GMHL Officiating Group is hiring for the 2021-22 season.

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Recruiting Information

The GMHL Experience

Officials enjoy an environment of unity & support at the GMHL. Officials are respected and are considered family among our ranks. Leadership with positive re-enforcement is our nature. Officials benefit from equal opportunity and ultimately experience mutual growth with the league. The officiating group experiences little turnover in staff; this is a testament to the comfort in culture, environment, and commodrie of our officials. There is no competition for game assignments. There’s no favoritism – hidden agendas – or politics – we pride our open door transparency. We include our officials in decision making…. We all have a voice – A true democratic experience !

Officials experience a unique brand of hockey at the GMHL. The league operates on its own rules and principles. Many athletes have prospered to colleges and universities abroad. We prepare athletes for the future. We train our officials accordingly to support this attribute of our league.

As in any occupation, your transferable skills will help you in whatever trade you choose in life. However, the GMHL has its own custom model; we train to produce an officiating service unique for the GMHL brand.

Recruiting Process                                                       

We do not have any specific method or campaign for recruiting. The GMHL is very successful and attracts a high volume of interest. Officials simply contact us to inquire & apply. We do not sell anything or promise anything, We simply tell you who we are, what we do, and what you can expect.

Our recruiting is gauged on league growth. We only recruit enough to satisfy the workload.