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Annual GMHL Commissioner's Award


2023-24 - Lindsay Maclvor

2022-23 - Roger Proulx

2021-22 - Gerry Hogenout

2019-20 - Bill Newman

2018-19 - Darren Berezowski

2017-18 - Kevin Thompson

2016-17 - Allan Madill

2015-16 - Dave Avery

2014-15 - Bob Klein

2013-14 - Ron Michaud


Beautiful Family - Happy Times

Congratulations to Darrin Bronizewski & his wife on their new adopted edition to the family.

A winning Goal...


Welcome Iris Jacqueline Dallas Doucette

       A Blessing has been gifted to another one of our officials 

       Paul Doucette & Family welcome with much joy Iris Jacqueline Dallas Doucette


Manseau Sports Law & Management

Player to Official


                               The story of success for Chad Ingalls


My name is Chad Ingalls and was born in Kitchener, Ontario. I am 23 years old, and started up playing hockey at a young age. Growing up, I found myself playing at high competitive levels of hockey where throughout my time, I played AA and AAA in minor hockey and would afterwards go on to play four seasons of Junior hockey with the Woodstock Navy Vets (PJHL), Cambridge Bears (GMHL), and the Delhi Travellers (PJHL). I have always had love towards the game of hockey as it has been a part of mine and my family’s life, whether it was watching or playing. After my final season of Junior hockey, I found myself missing the competitive atmosphere of the game and was looking to stay with it, by either coaching or officiating. I hear about former players getting involved with officiating and how former players can be an attraction to leagues. I then looked into it further by going on the GMHL Officials website and saw, they were hiring officials. I contacted Al Zimmer, the Director of Officiating, about my interest in being an official in the GMHL and my playing experience within a high competitive level. I am thankful for the opportunity that Al Zimmer and the rest of the GMHL Officials Committee gave me, as I had no prior experience officiating.

Coming into the GMHL as a young official, I had high expectation for myself as I have played at the Junior level for four season, and with one of those seasons being in the GMHL. From being a former player in the GMHL and also talking to Al Zimmer, I had expectations for the GMHL being great league and company, as it was when I was here playing. All of the expectations that I had coming into my first season as an official, were exceeded. The GMHL is a fast, competitive league, that strives to graduate their players to the next level and this was the exact type of game I was looking to be involved in. My fellow officials had been exceptional mentors with giving me feedback, whether it was positive feedback or what I could be working on to improve my game.

The on ice experience that I had was very successful. My first game officiating in the GMHL felt the same as playing my first Junior game, that feeling of being nervous and excited. As the game went on, it was the same result. The nerves settled in and I became more comfortable and confident. That being said, I found that my experience at playing hockey at a high and fast caliber, made it easy to transition from a player to an official. My skating ability and the conditioning that I have from playing, has allowed me to keep up to the athletes, to be in position to make the right call and to also perform at a professional level.

The GMHL has been nothing but great, from the leadership group, fellow officials and to the athletes. The Leadership group has provided me with the right training and courses to expand my hockey knowledge and as well, the GMHL Rule Book. The game assignment schedule is easily accessible, and understanding. Al Zimmer does a great job organizing the game assignments by emailing for availability, and working with my availability to assign me to the proper games. Secondly, the training that is done online, is easy and convenient to do in the comfort of your own home. Kevin Thompson was able to instruct an in-depth video training that allowed me to understand aspects of the GMHL. The athletes in the GMHL come from around the world and I have had the opportunity to officiate games with many of those who travel a far distance and many of those who graduate onto other hockey programs. Lastly, the respect from the players in the

league towards myself was tremendous, as I feel this could have been a result of me being a young official and the athletes noticing my professionalism and dedication to officiating. I respect all of the players for the passion they play with, the dedication that they have for the game and also, because they show me respect night in and night out.

In conclusion, my first year in the GMHL as an official was a success. My fellow officials that I have had the pleasure of working with regularly and as well as the ones I officiated with on occasion, were excellent mentors. The league its self has treated me with much respect, as well as given me the opportunity to prove myself. I would encourage all young officials, to get involved in the game and to get involved in the GMHL as they are a professional business that looks for the best in all aspects of the league from players, coaches and officials.

My Journey Surviving Cancer

My journey

I am deeply humbled by the immense amount of donations, which have been given to me over the last few days by my officiating brothers.  I would like to believe that this is a direct correlation of the impact that I have had on your hockey careers in development.  However,  I am remiss to agree with this,  moreover,  that this gesture is just one more demonstration of the Brotherhood that we share in the GMHL officiating family.


A brief transcript on my journey.

In January 2007 I was transferred by ambulance to Western University Hospital in London Ontario to endure a surgical biopsy of a growth that had developed at my T1 T2 vertebrae in my spine.  I was paralyzed from the chest down on a backboard not knowing where my life was headed.  within a few days, surgeons had removed the tumor.  following this procedure I was advised that I had a very fast growing malignant bone cancer which had engulfed my C7 T2 vertebrae.  I underwent 4 months of intense chemotherapy at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

September 20th, 2007 I once again and doing another surgery which took 25 hours over two days to remove the three vertebrae which were replaced with pieces of bone and 12 inches of titanium rods that extended from my see to my t-7 vertebrae.  I was left in an induced coma while they open me up from front to back. I experienced multiple complications that were related to these surgeries I ended up getting septic pneumonia which led to putting me into a coma for 7 days. Fortunately, I was able to recover but doctors ended up discovering an abscess the size of a tangerine in my back so they rush me to Toronto Western on boxing Dave 2007 where I endured another 8-hour surgery.

I have experienced much over the past 10 years and now I must once again face another surgery.  Although this is for a semi-good reason as I will be cancer-free for 10 years in September. I have simply outlived the bone in my neck. This latest surgery is definitely a far cry from what I went through previously.

Once again I am humbled and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers and generosity in support of my journey.

Kevin Thompson

Tech. Director of Official’s Development


Movember Foundation


Support Movember

In the past 12 years, 4 of our officiating members have been diagnosed with cancer. 2 of whom with testicular cancer. GMHL Officials have always been a close-knit bunch in support of one another with life's challenges. Our group recognizes the efforts of the Movember Foundation to bring awareness to information share. Please visit their website by clicking on the logo above... and please consider supporting the Movember Foundation with a charitable donation or purchase of support attire. With your support, men's health can improve.

#14 - Mike Collins "Retirement"

After 10 years of shared success #14 - Mike Collins (Linesman) will be hanging up the skates at the end of this year.

Mike has experienced the inception period of the GMHL to the present state of growth we enjoy today. Mike joined the officiating staff in year one while his son played on one of the start-up teams. The father son relationship was typical of uniting on the ice with the sport they both loved. Although his son went on to NCAA opportunities, Mike remained on the lines at the GMHL.

Mike has achieved a remarkable history:

* 188 games and still climbing as we approach the post season.

* Mike has received our "Linesman of the Year" award

* He has set the standard for our Face-off proceedure.

* Selected Linesman All-Star Games

* Selected Linesman Showcase Tournaments

Mike is respected among players and his peers for his work. He is well liked for his personality, smile, and his offering of tangerines to each official at every game.